Eastern Rosella

The Eastern Rosella is a familiar sight in most parts of Australia and is usually seen in pairs or family groups, though larger flocks gather together during winter. They are also a familiar sight in the suburbs.

Averaging 30cm in length, the Eastern Rosella boasts long, intensely coloured feathers that include bright green, red, blue, and yellow. This popular bird is perhaps most notable for its feet. While most birds have three toes facing forward and one facing back, the Eastern Rosella has two facing back.


Eastern Rosellas are absolutely stunning birds to observe in the wild and aviaries. Although they are social birds and are at their best when kept in pairs, they can be aggressive towards other species and should therefore be kept with their own kind.

These active birds enjoy spreading their wings and flying so cages/aviaries should therefore be large enough (at least 4 metres long) to accommodate this activity without cramping the bird's style.

Eastern Rosellas enjoy a varied diet of natural seeds, apples, carrots, hard-boiled eggs, pears, lettuce, nuts(almonds, cashews, peanuts), bananas, spinach, peaches, capsicum, berries, cherries, corn, oats and nectarines.


Name: Eastern Rosella
Family: Parrot
Origin: Australia
Size: Small
Care: Aviary or cage needs to be ample size
Temperament: Playful
Call: Can be noisy
Features: Two toes facing back