Providing a good home

The first thing you will need is a home for your feathered friend. A good pet shop should be able to show you a range of cages in different sizes and for various prices. Buy the largest cage that you can afford, remembering that if you have two birds they will need more space than just one. Keep the cage in a cool, well-ventilated environment away from draughts, direct sunlight and, ideally, on a stand about four feet above the floor. Once you have found the perfect spot for your bird, it will be happier if you keep it there. In many ways, birds are creatures of habit and are at their happiest in a consistent and familiar environment.

Settling in

Different birds take different lengths of time to settle into an unfamiliar environment so keep this in mind when you first introduce your bird to its cage. Keep a close eye on it and take note of its eating habits, droppings and general demeanour. At night, it is a good idea to cover the cage with a cloth so that your bird gets a good, restful sleep and is not disturbed while roosting.


Most birds love having a few simple toys around to keep them stimulated. Your local pet shop should have a good range for you to choose from but remember, birds do like their space, so be careful not to clutter the cage up with too many toys or paraphernalia.