Shoulder training

As soon as your bird is comfortable and secure in sitting on your finger, it can then be trained to sit on your shoulder.

Before you do this, tie up any loose or long hair and remove any jewellery to prevent it from becoming tangled. Understandably, getting tangled frightens birds and could quickly undo the trust you have built up.

Having reached this stage you will be able to walk around the room with your bird on your finger or shoulder - this is a great feeling knowing that your pet bird trusts you enough to feel comfortable on your body.

When moving through the house with your bird on your hand, take slow steps and keep it close enough to your body to make it feel safe. If you hold your bird out in front of you while you walk, you are effectively encouraging it to fly off.

For best results, choose a room in your house and make this the training area. Move slowly around this area before taking it into another room and use your judgement as to when your bird is ready to move to a strange room.

Spend only a short time there and quickly return to the training area. As the training progresses, and your bird gains more confidence, spend more time in different rooms of your house until it is happy to remain with you no matter where you go in your home.

Remember no matter how tame your bird becomes, is do not take it outside - it will fly away!