Getting started

Taming your bird is easy and enjoyable but there are some simple rules to observe if your budding student is to reach its full potential.

Ideally, only one person should conduct the training in a small, quiet room to keep your bird from becoming stressed. An empty room is best for training as you will find that chasing an untamed bird from underneath furniture will be a problem and could scare your bird.

Your bird will fly around the room quite a bit during these sessions so it may be a good idea to ensure the floor is covered with carpet or a large mat to reduce the chances of injury. It is also a good ideal to remove any sharp objects that he/she may bump into.

If possible, keep the cage in the 'training room' so your bird can return to a familiar place if it wants to. Cover any mirrors and windows to prevent the bird from flying into them.

Try to use the same area for the first training sessions, once your bird is hand-trained, then take him/her into other rooms of the house. As soon as your bird is out of the cage it will fly to the highest area for security (Eg. The curtain rod). When this happens just sit close to the cage and remain still and quiet. After a short time, your bird's curiosity will get the better of it and it will fly down to the vicinity of its cage. As long as you don’t make any sudden movements, or try to grab it, your bird will become comfortable in close proximity to you.

Remember, birds like to feel safe and secure, so when training, it’s important to speak to him/her in a soft voice. Any movements you make must be slow and controlled. You need to remain calm, be determined and give your bird frequent but short training sessions.